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Cultural Resources collaborates with diverse communities to develop strategies and programs that help sustain traditional culture.

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In 2021, Cultural Resources is partnering with Mayo Street Arts
in organizing the first African immigrant artists gathering.

The event will bring together Congolese, Somalian, Burundian, Somali Bantu and Rwandan musicians, dancers and craft
artists to share their knowledge, skills and ideas for sustaining
their cultural practices.

Photo: © Coco McCracken

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Through direct support of cultural mentors, the Wabanaki Traditional Arts Mentorship program connects experienced Wabanaki traditional artists with younger tribal members for a year-long exchange of
techniques and cultural knowledge.


Up to $3,000 is available for teaching fees, supplies and travel cost. For further information, visit

Photo: © Aron Griffith

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From Wabanaki basketmakers and forest-based artists of the Northern Forest, to Maine’s new immigrant communities, for decades, Cultural Resources has produced exhibits, audio programs, apprenticeship programs and gatherings that serve a wide range of traditional artists and their communities.

These programs are at the core
of Cultural Resources’ mission, utilizing fieldwork and organizing to build partnerships that develop community-based programs that
promote cultural resilience and honor traditional cultural practices.

Photo: © Dan Bouthot

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