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Cultural Resources collaborates with diverse communities to develop strategies and programs that help sustain traditional culture.

Photo: © Coco McCracken

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Faki Congolese Brass Band

Photo: © Coco McCracken

A collaboration between Mayo Street Arts and Cultural Resources, TAN grew out of discussions with Portland based traditional artists interested in networking with other immigrant artists and communities.


TAN offers immigrant artists opportunities to develop their creative practice as well as well as support for maintaining cultural traditions through the following programs:

TAN Artist Gatherings

Opportunities to meet other artists, share your work, and learn from each other

For information about upcoming gatherings, click here.

TAN Fund

Micro grants for traditional artists ranging from $500-$1,000

For information about grant opportunities, click here.

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Alexandra Conover Bennett teaching apprentice Nate Knight paddlemaking

Photo: © Peter Dembski

Through direct support of cultural mentors, the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program connects experienced traditional artists with younger students for an exchange of techniques and cultural knowledge.

The program helps communities sustain their own cultural heritage by providing teaching opportunities for accomplished mentors to pass on their skills to an apprentice of their choice. Traditional Arts are passed down from one generation to the next, usually within families and communities and take many forms including vocal and instrumental music, dance, crafts, and textile arts.

Based on their experience and commitment to a particular traditional art form, mentors and their apprentices apply to work together, usually up to a one-year period. Up to $3,000 is available for mentors’ teaching fees, supplies and travel costs.

To apply for funding click here.

Click here to view the 2024 grant recipients.

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Monson-Arts-AH-Exhibit_web copy.jpg

Always Home: Wabanaki Traditional Arts exhibit at Monson Arts

Photo: © Daniel Bouthot

From Wabanaki basketmakers and forest-based artists of the Northern Forest, to Maine’s new immigrant communities, for decades, Cultural Resources has produced exhibits, audio programs, apprenticeship programs and gatherings that serve a wide range of traditional artists and their communities.

These programs are at the core
of Cultural Resources’ mission, utilizing fieldwork and organizing to build partnerships that develop community-based programs that
promote cultural resilience and honor traditional cultural practices.

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